David Barrington Barnes © On The Deer Path 2012

DBB – the
lawyer – recalls
his life on the
deer path
DAVID BARRINGTON BARNES' first book "ON THE DEER PATH" has been preceded by the many articles he has contributed to magazines such as Countryman's Weekly, Shooting Times and Sporting Gun. He now writes  columns for SPORTING RIFLE and MODERN GAME KEEPING.
David makes no claims to expertise in the art of deerstalking and nor does he seek to instruct tyros in "ON THE DEER PATH". Rather the book is a celebration of his great interest in the pursuit of wild deer in the woods and fields of his native East Anglia. 
David's experiences on the ground are recorded in detail and he often evokes the atmosphere and tensions of the hunt as he leads the reader in a selection of the many stalks he has enjoyed or, in some cases, endured throughout different seasons of  the year.
Deer are perceived to be a problem by some farmers, foresters and naturalists. Through his deer management David has contributed to the solution. At the same time he has relished the sport of low ground stalking. with his respect for quarry and insistence on quiet deer management. By selective shooting he has transformed the depressing drudgery of  mere culling into a truly sporting pursuit.
ON THE DEER PATH is a low ground deerstalking memoir. In relating his experiences the author discloses much about the behaviour of wild deer  and the tactics needed to cull them. Over time he has also shrewdly observed the behaviour of the public and others who come into contact with wild deer.
Although intended to be "a good read", the reader may also learn  something from the tales recounted of deerstalking in the woods and fields over many years.
It's a must for all deerstalkers' bookshelves.
ON THE DEER PATH is in paperback with 32 original photographs
Roe Stalking" by Mick Cawston is reproduced by kind permission of Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd
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